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FAQ About Kelly®



Where are you located?
Kelly® is now in Grass Valley, CA (originally from Oakland, CA)

How long has Kelly Bike Co. been in business?
Chris has been making, repairing and painting bikes for over 22 years. He started the business as a custom shop - making one bike at a time. In 1995 Chris realized that he could meet more of his customers' needs if he had "stock" to sell. He also noted that 90-95% of his customers fit into the same sizes. Hence leaving just a few folks that really needed something custom. So was born our high end production philosophy. up until 2006 Kelly® manufactured limited production runs of Knobby Cross, Mountain, Road and Cruisers which we then pre-painted most of them and had them in "stock" ready to go. In 2006 as many know, Kelly Bike Co LLC was dissolved and production was halted.

How many bikes do you make a year?
It varies.... greatly! From 1985 to 2006 Kelly produced approximately 2000 frames, however the majority 1200-1500 where built from 1995-2006. In those years the company produced between 75-300 per year.

Does Chris still make every bike himself?
No, not really. Up till 1998 he did but after that there was just too much to be done. Chris designed, speced and ran all of Kelly® production. We use in-house as well as out-sourced resources to meet our quality and production needs.

Do you warranty your frames?
Normal wear and tear is not warranted. Nor is abuse. What is covered by Kelly® is any Kelly® manufacture defects. For more information please read Kelly®'s Terms & Condition of Sale.

Can I give a Kelly® Gift Certificate?
Not available at this point in time.

Do you ship overseas?
Kelly® sells all over the globe. We can ship pretty much anywhere. The customer is responsible for shipping & handling costs as well as any taxes and duties. Kelly® typically uses UPS and Federal Express but has worked with our customer's preferred freight forwarders.

Can you let me know about new stuff?
If you would like to be on the Kelly® email and/or snail mail list please provide your information to us and will keep you posted.

Who buys your bikes?
Kind of a funny question but one we are asked from time to time -- so, I suppose it deserves an answer. The answer is: All kinds of folks. We’re not some kind of “members only” club were you need some sort of credentials in order to belong. Our bikes price range is reflective of it being “high end”, however, we sell to many first time buyers who are very happy to avoid the proverbial step ladder that many people think they need to climb before finally owning the bike they really want.

Where can I buy a Kelly?
Not available at this point in time.

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